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Why You Should Subscribe To An Ezine Before You Advertise


For many years Charlie Page has been advising members to subscribe to any Ezine in which they are interested in buying ads before buying ad space.  

Those that took his advice were happy because they got to see what regular readers see before spending their hard-earned money.  

In some cases members avoided a disaster by simply subscribing first.  

I would never pay money to an Ezine in which I had not yet subscribed for three reasons. 

1.       When you subscribe you see what your prospects will see. If you like what the publisher sends you they probably will like it too. That sets a favorable environment for sales because readers want quality content, not endless pitching


2.       If you do want to buy ad space and are a subscriber you will have leverage with the publisher. Publishers will almost always respond better when you can say you are a subscriber and let them know why you like their ezine. 

3.       You can watch the ads that come through to determine what is selling and what is being over-promoted. If you see ads coming through for a particular product it usually indicates that the product is selling well to that audience. This is often a good starting point for contacting a publisher. 

I hope you find these tips helpful. They have served me well for many years. 


Thanks to Charlie Page for providing those useful advertising tips.

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